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Thema: Prius 4 auf dem Nürburgring? Really? (271-mal gelesen)
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Prius 4 auf dem Nürburgring? Really?

The hybrid petrol-electric powertrain and high-spec chassis of the fourth-generation Prius has garnered widespread praise. But we admit that Porsche-baiting on track is normally only associated with our TS050 Hybrid models within the World Endurance Championship.

In view of this turn of events, we decided to meet up with the owner of the Prius, Dr Paul Thomas, and ask him about his choice of transport, its subtle modifications and the pair’s unusual track activities.

As it turns out, Paul’s friends are equally surprised. First, that a serial Toyota sports car buyer with a doctorate in engineering would choose an eco-conscious hybrid. And secondly, that it would make a habit of embarrassing their own traditional high-performance coupes and hot-hatches around racing circuits.


Blog: How have your hybrid models performed within that context?

Paul: Really well. I’ve been very impressed. In fact, with Tein coilover suspension and wider wheels and track tyres, my Yaris Hybrid was almost up to the lap times of a similarly modified Yaris T Sport. Which is quite impressive given that it carries the additional weight of the hybrid components. And now that I’ve modified the Prius a little, two rounds of the Toyota Sprint Series has proved that it is faster than the Yaris was at its best.

Antw.: Prius 4 auf dem Nürburgring? Really?

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Find ich persönlich ganz cool. Wieso auch nicht? Da fahren ja auch Sprinter rum und ähnliches. "Sportlich" bewegen kann man fast alles.
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Antw.: Prius 4 auf dem Nürburgring? Really?

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Ich schmeiß mich weg... die Gesichter, wenn man von einem Prius überholt wird. Aber mal im ernst, wenn der Fahrer weiß, was er tut, ist ein Prius eigentlich keine Gefahr. Vor allem nicht für Porsche...
"What if it's all a hoax and we create a better world for nothing"